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Why Facebook's move to copy Snapchat is going to misfire

Facebook has always worked hard in terms product change, even when their product was doing great with no competition in the last 8 odd years. It is sad that instead of focusing on their own product development, the blatantly aped the Snapchat features on all their owned platforms, Facebook, Whatsapp & Instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg was really pissed with the founder of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel for not selling out his company to Facebook, like Whatsapp and Instagram did. This is why the Snapchat like feature release was rolled out exactly when Snapchat's IPO was was around the corner.

What Facebook has ended up doing is introducing people to Snapchat's most unique feature to people who had not heard about it. This will probe people to explore Snapchat and will help them get new installs.

The proof of the pudding is in our own phones, after people are done tinkering with the new feature on Facebook & Whatsapp, you can see users have dried up on stories feature on both the pla…
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Best way to market/advertise products/services to shopkeepers in a specific locality

My father has been a wholesale distributor managing 400+ shops in Mumbai for the last 30 odd years. I have traveled with him too at time for his visits. 

The most critical thing that I have noticed that helps you to reach out to shopkeepers in the distributor network. Their relationships with them are the strongest in the supply chain and they consider their distributor as their eyes and ears to what is abuzz and trending in a particular  category/about a particular product. 

Although loyalty programs and incentive schemes work in certain categories. Most shopkeepers are looking for a good quality product that will get picked off the shelf as soon as possible.

Tips to come up with a great startup idea

Identify a gap/a problem/an opportunity in individual/comapnies/or a system's daily lives and try to come up with a better technological solution to correct that. A number of times, the people themselves might not be aware that their is a better way of doing something, since they are accustomed to following certain things in their daily lives. 

Every solution may not involve commercial transactions, however it still will get you the backing need to scale the solution. For example, Uber solves a problem in people's lives and generates revenue through those transactions, whereas Whatsapp solves a problem (unidentified problem as mentioned above - help people connect with each other quickly and help people kill time) in people's lives without a monetary transaction and hence it also has a high valuation.

The more number of people that the solution applies to, the bigger your company's contribution to their lives and hence a bigger valuation for your company.

An introvert's career in Marketing

I consider my self an introvert too and have spent almost 7 years in marketing now. Let me set the context first.

- I do not like talking to people over a lunch table
- I am not the one cracking jokes while spending time with friends
- I do not like small talk at all with a colleague, friend or even a family member.
- I grew up with very few friends in school and college. As expected, I am in touch with less than 5-6 people from my school/college days
- I not a fan of attending public gatherings professionally or for family occasions

Yet I am somehow worked out a way to live around this. Here are some things that I follow.

- I work harder on my projects, good work gets you respected the most. This means you will not rock from Day 1 at a new office, with a new client, or with a new boss, but eventually you work will talk for you
- Good work leaves a better lasting impression than good talks
- I ensure I do not have my best friendships at work. I try to keep my best friendships outside work. Fri…

How to start your own ad network

Sounds like an ambitious plan, but I have seen a lot people start small and make it happen when I comes to aggregating create content sources and putting together an ad network. Here are some tips to make it happen.
1.Get in touch with a blog/portal/community site/YouTube channel owners, basically content creators, (if you know the portal owner/s personally even better) and offer them a deal to get advertisers for their site and fix up your commission out of the advertising fee. 2.Find out brands/agencies/media outlets that do one time tactical campaigns with that portal which would in the form on advertisement or content marketing and cut a good deal for them since that is your first campaign, over deliver on the campaign expectations 3.Take this example and tie up with more blogs and portals in a same category to give a bigger reach for the next campaign 4.Get in touch with more advertisers and pitch your offering to them 5.Venture in more categories with the same process to expand you a…

Dear Marketer, Has Facebook f**ked up your page interaction rates? Read on…

We are half way into the year and a number of social media agencies and digital marketing managers are not having a great time explaining a dip in their Facebook page interactions. With more than 200 brand pages having more than one million fans and more than 1000 companies doing some or the other form of social media promotions in India, there seems to be a lot of money invested in fan acquisition over the last few years.