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Why Aamir, did not spread enough shit!!

By now, Aamir Khan has been unanimously acclaimed as the new age marketing guru of current times. Sadly, Aamir’s twitter account has been pretty inactive, the last tweet was almost a year ago.
But it was from an Android phone, so he isn’t that bad with tech stuff and new age media. But that’s not what this blog is all about; it’s about the tagline he came up with for Delhi Belly, and it was one hell of a catchy tagline. However, he did not fully capitalize on such a smart tagline, atleast on Social Media.  Here’s how –
# A simple tweet from Aamir’s handle asking people to discuss share instances when $#it happened in their lives and they couldn’t do anything but run away from it (mind you he did that on radio!) could have sparked off amazing tweets
# Throughout the shoot of the film, he could have shared instances of bloopers or goof ups while making the movie. You know, there’s a lot of hustle during shoots and more often than not #shithappens!
BTW, the movie has done well enough and this might have got marginal increment in the overall revenue.  But if it’s Aamir it’s got to be different! Who knows’ he might have got the story for the Delhi Belly 2!
I understand that this topic is a little bit outdated by now. But then, #shithappens! Sometimes things don’t happen when you want it to happen :)


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