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Trending Articles to occupy your Timeline on Facebook

Facebook has come up with another change about seven days ago, and this is what I noticed in my timeline today

It looks like a step further in the Open Graph initiative. Earlier, Facebook has already sneaked in unannounced partnerships with Washington Post and Yahoo whose articles started getting read post allowing the applications, which can help them send out auto posts from the reader’s Facebook account. You may have noticed such posts featured on the top of your News feed when you login first thing in the day. It finally coined such attempts into a ‘professional’ approach while announcing frictionless applications 

It will be interesting to see to what limits such over-flexibility will be pushed and I hope it does not confuse the users who already have atleast nine different elements on the home screen to refer to. The News feed, favorites, Apps, pages, groups, lists, chat, timeline, ads and events sections already present a lot for a user to refer to. 

Hope Facebook does not complicate the interface any further and make it a command center of sorts!


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