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Tweeter Types in India

A number of people spend a lot of time on twitter, tweeting voraciously to get a number of followers. Twitter, unlike Facebook, isn’t as easy to gather attention for your thoughts. Twitter is growing exceedingly in India and a number of newbies on Twitter are trying to ‘crack the code’ for this micro blogging platform. In the last 18 months that I have been on Twitter, here is what I think are the buckets of successful tweeters.

The Actual Celebrity

Twitter is a goldmine of reviews, responses and a ‘virtually free’ promotion platform for true celebrities in the country. This would include the Bachchan’s, the Khan’s, Dhoni, Tendulkar etc, etc you know them all. And they were probably the first to make to your followers list too.

The ‘parody’ Celebrity

These are ones that are ‘self made’ celebrity of sorts. They either become celebrities in desperation or through negative publicity. Twitter the only place where Kamaal R Khan and Poonam Pandey types have made it big! There are also great fodders for bursts of sarcasm for their followers. But if that is what keeps your followers!

The Disguised

Animated DP’s and funny, sarcastic or abusive handles fall into a category of their own. They have the liberty of tweeting anything about anyone and probably that is what makes their handles successful!

The ‘fake’ accounts

The handles with disclaimers of being fake accounts of well known people do a great job on creating fun content for their followers and that keeps them going. Wonder if the actual celebs also enjoy their tweets as much J

The Marathoners

This category populates the most of the Twitter space in India. This category of users have really super cool worked out fingers that post tweets at lightning speeds. But it works! Tweeting about anything and everything that you do all day has worked for some folks. There are accounts with tweets in excess of fifteen thousand and it definitely takes a lot of effort to make sense that often!

The Specialists

This category for me probably makes the most sense of their existence on Twitter. They are the ones who tweet, mostly, about a certain genre. That could be politics, coding, gadgets, social media, sports, sales, yoga, etc.. It is not a case that these users don't tweet random stuff, but most of their tweet stick to a particular category. When someone consistently tweets about a certain genre, it attracts similar followers too. 

So which category do you fit into? P.S. – You can add your own category too!


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