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An introvert's career in Marketing

I consider my self an introvert too and have spent almost 7 years in marketing now. Let me set the context first.

- I do not like talking to people over a lunch table
- I am not the one cracking jokes while spending time with friends
- I do not like small talk at all with a colleague, friend or even a family member.
- I grew up with very few friends in school and college. As expected, I am in touch with less than 5-6 people from my school/college days
- I not a fan of attending public gatherings professionally or for family occasions

Yet I am somehow worked out a way to live around this. Here are some things that I follow.

- I work harder on my projects, good work gets you respected the most. This means you will not rock from Day 1 at a new office, with a new client, or with a new boss, but eventually you work will talk for you
- Good work leaves a better lasting impression than good talks
- I ensure I do not have my best friendships at work. I try to keep my best friendships outside work. Friends who know me well and do not find it weird when I add very few lines to a conversation while having dinner
- There are still some instances when you have to talk at work! I focused on starting conversation with colleagues or clients about relevant work done by others in the industry and stuck to having work domain related conversation only
- I also ensured I read a lot about my work domain so I can contribute to these conversations better
- I also started taking coffee breaks with a larger group of colleagues (4-5) instead of going with an individual so I could survive without talking at all for those 15-20 minutes and it worked just perfectly fine!

So I am not the most popular guy in office but I am happy to carry the tag of someone who knows his s**t well enough :)

Originally answered by me on Quora


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